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This IMSU program has increased my personal and business efficiency and effectiveness by increasing my understanding of the laws of lasting success in business. My record keeping intelligence has also soared...Chief Tony Nduka, Businessman and Politician.

My understanding of the concept of money and wealth building in business has been enriched. My idea generation and record keeping vehicle have been sent into motion by this IMSU program. I recommend the next edition for all my friends.....Chief Okey Udeagu, MD,VodaKanal Ltd.

This program has done so much in my life and business. It has given me strategic vision and practical insights into business success. If I had taken this program before now, I wouldn't have had any failed venture. I hope my friends will understand what a gold mine this IMSU program is...Chief R.C. Osueke, MD, Ruxto Limited.

The Program has done a 360 degrees turn around in my life and business. It has been a wow experience exceeding my expectation by 99%. Every aspect of management and entrepreneurship has been x-rayed in 3-months, it is amazing. Every employer, employee, leader,politician, student and teacher should attend this program...CHief Uche Mba, Aviation Consultant and Politician.

This IMSU Program has changed my understanding of business and has made me separate business from friendship and charity. I can have my corporate social responsibility (csr) but when it comes to business, it should be business. I recommend this program for every professional like myself...Amadi Chukwudi Nnamdi, Surveyor.

This program is really loaded, it is a complete package. It has improved my all-round efficiency. Recommended for every civil servant and business executive...Chika Nwokocha, IMSU staff.

I am forever grateful to the MD/CEO of Desirables who introduced me to the IMSU 3-month Course in Business Management. This program has concretized in a practical sense, all that I learnt in the University as a Business Faculty undergraduate. I am good to go as regards venturing into entrepreneurship. Please, this program should have continuity for the next generation. Highly recommended...Nwachukwu, Banker.

I am very grateful to the person that introduced me to this course, the MD/CEO of Sibilant Global Limited. My life has changed totally and my company too. My marketing, record keeping and strategic vision acumen have had a total make-over. I am not the same person I was before I started this program. This is a super gift to every human being who wants to move to the next level....Doris Ndujife, Business Manager.

As a leader of an organisation, I have learnt so much which has helped me to package great programmes for the youths of our organisation. My idea generation powers have been greatly enhanced. It is recommended for ministers of the gospel and members alike.....Pastor Emma Okoro, Clergy, Owerri.

It has been a refreshing and renewal period for me both in my personal and business life. I now understand what process means in business operations. My idea Diary is always with me which has helped my businesses a lot. I am today a consummate entrepreneur who is building a worldclass business. This IMSU program should be the first port of call for every business executive and leader...Tony Edward Nnamdi, MD/CEO, Prelyn Group, Port Harcourt. 

This program has changed my family life and business life. I have designed and printed my company catalogue which has given us access into some notable companies. I wish I took part in this course some 20 years ago. It is highly recommended for those who want to be leaders in their chosen fields of endeavours....Chief Onu, MD Sharshimo Garments.

The MD of Pakens Limited introduced me to this program. This program has redefined business for me and given me more tools and techniques for building a worldclass business group. Within this 3-months, my business has given birth to viable spin-offs. I can now understand in more vivid terms, the secrets of the Bransons and Dangotes of this world. This IMSU Program is the best gift you can give to your loved ones...Engr. Udochukwu Ejelonu, MD/CEO, Tranxpoint Ltd.

The program has streamlined my business vision. Today, my business future is well laid out through His Grace. The strategies were taught in purely practical terms thus making the internalisation and practicalisation easy. I sincerely appreciate this course and wish people will understand what a goldfield lies here in Owerri at the IMSU Business School.  ....Sunny Ukpabi, MD/CEO, SunLight Global Limited, Abuja

This program has so impacted my life and ministry that the changes are so vivid in my organisation. The lectures are so practical that the implementation is reduced to ABC. New ideas have been injected into our Schools, and the impact is awesome. Highly recommended for all leaders. Rev. F.E. Nnah, Aba.

The Program indeed has stimulated my thinking and ideas not just about business but also about life in general.The objectives,core values, vision and mission statements are not just another pipe-dream but strategic vision management and organizational planning organon. ...Mrs. Ijeoma Ejiogu, Chief Image Consultant, Desirables, MCC Rd, Owerri.

The impact of the Imo State University 3 month Certificate Course in Business Management and Entrepreneurship changed my business outlook and approach, administering of my organization, my Church Leadership, and how I even ran my home, bank account. I wish other CEOs and Christian Leaders can create time to get the benefits of this program for better management of their lives and organizations. ...U.U.Palmer, Business and Church Leader, Aba

 As the Circulation Manager of Imo Newspapers Limited, I have restructured my day to day activities and distribution channels with ideas I gathered from the above programme. ...Anumudu Chisom Ijeoma, Imo Newspapers Ltd, Owerri.

This programme is an eye-opener. It is an idea, action and result activator. In fact, it is a springboard for business and career exploits. A must attend for every champion. ...Felix Emeribe, CEO, GoldNature Enterprises.

The programme has made me a better manager in my company. Job description for each staff is now properly delineated, records are well kept, expenses have reduced drastically and new operational structure has increased creativity and productivity. ...Uche Augustine Chukwu, Umac-Noble and Co. Ltd, Owerri.

In summary, the programme has peaked my performances and my company is better for it. Recommended for anyone who wants to do more with less and break every box. ...Richard Okem Ekwujuru, Rich Resources Limited.


 After the programme, I can confidently say that I have found my dream, I am more focused and better equipped to handle life better. Highly recommended for young career and non-career women. ...Linda Chigozie Ogoke

The programme has been a wonderful one with the modules connecting with your business and career. The module on marketing sparked off great improvement on my marketing career. As taught, I opened a file on my competitors which had provided meaningful feedback for my employers in their decision making. ...Dibia, C.H, 7Up Bottling Company Plc

The programme has changed some of my business processes. It is an amazing experience. Business executives should avail themselves of his great opportunity. Kudos to IMSU and Sean Cussons Group. ...Dr. Reuben A. Okorie, Salvador Limited

The programme has really exposed me to a lot of business intricacies. It has made me more informed and given me necessary tools to take my business to the next level. It has exposed me to the business powers of the internet in the 21st century. A great programme for a 21st Century compliant Business Executive. ...Martin Nnabue, LTM Properties and Investment Limited.


This programme changed my family setting, my businesses, and my brand. It honed my idea generation skill and accelerated my idea implementation speed. It sharpened my problem solving skill and totally transformed my attitude about life and business. I can now beat my chest and say that I am a consummate Entrepreneur who is twenty first century compliant. Today, I have an incredible Life-Work Balance which has afforded me the opportunity to have more time for my family without neglecting my business...Chief Martin Agbugba, Businessman and Politician

The Program has changed my personal brand and put me on the path of super business success. Highly recommended for every 21st century compliant entrepreneurs...Ernest Ojimadu, Owerri

The program has given me environmentalized strategies and tools which have upgraded my business intelligence and impacted my business growth...Johnson C. Johnson


Before the IMSU Course in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, I was zero in Record keeping which affected my business growth. But today there is proper record keeping process in my company which increased our overall planning and performances. A must do for every entrepreneur...Izuchukwu Maduagwu, MD/CEO, Icon-Zico Services.

Our Team

Chief Strategist

An Alumnus of Maastricht School of Management (MSM) Netherlands where he majored in Management Consulting (The Consulting Process) and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U.Leuven) Belgium with specialization in Information and Communications Technology. An Associate of Institut du Pratiques Philosophiques  France, ANOPUE, CALISTUS  CUSSONS Ph.D (Cally Cussons) is a Management Consultant, Trainer and Speaker. He is a University Lecturer, a Motivational Speaker, Life/ Peak Performance Coach, Author and Entrepreneur. He travels to different parts of the world teaching those principles that he leveraged on to conquer poliomyelitis which attacked him while he was a little over a year. With a PhD in Philosophy and certifications in Management and ICT, he is a highly sought after Consultant/Speaker/Trainer in Performance Enhancement, Creative Thinking, Idea Generation, Problem Solving and Management. He has developed many laudable business, entrepreneurship and management programmes for Governments, Universities, MDAs and businesses. He is a renowned facilitator and practitioner in Project Management, Negotiation, Creative Intelligence, Organizational Behaviour and Corporate Strategy.


ED, Strategy and Marketing Communications

 A former University academic, she holds a Masters of Arts degree in English Language and Literature and Advanced Certificate in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Her PhD dissertation is on Social Entrepreneurship . Desire CallyCussons is a social commentator, management and marketing consultant. With experiences in both the public and private sectors, she has trained and consulted for small, medium and large organizations in the areas of performance enhancement, marketing strategy and process re-engineering. Her company is the marketing consultant to SilverBird Television and Rhythm FM in Imo State. Her passion for youth development has seen her setting up youth related NGO's some of which are the Students’ Alert Network (SAN) and Motivation Initiatives (MI). An expert Motivational Speaker and Public Speaking Professional, Desire CallyCussons is a human resource capacity development expert. She is also the Executive Director of Career Guidance Nigeria Project, Highfliers’ Corporate Links and LEARN2015 PROJECT.


 Dr. JohnPaul Okey Okeke

  ED,Training/Programmes Manager

JohnPaul Okeoma Okeke (PhD) is a graduate of the prestigious LONDON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND FINANCE, ENGLAND; and LONDON METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY, ENGLAND. With degrees and certifications that cut across Business administration, management, Marketing, Digital Marketing and project Management, he is a highly sought after project manager and Trainer. He has worked in the academia, private and public sectors. He is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Marketers UK (CIM), Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) and British Academy of Management UK (BAM). He has PhD in Management and Entrepreneurship Studies from the London Metro-politan University. Since joining Sean Cussons Limited, he has taken part in high profile project man-agement, monitoring and evaluation. He is multi-skilled in Information Technology, Critical Thinking, Idea Generation, Teambuilding, Leadership, Negotiation, Communication and executive performance coaching.



Dr. Okey Anoopuo

Premium Partner and Faculty

Engr. Okechukwu Anopuo (PhD) is a material scientist of international repute with over 12 years of experience in materials engineering. Having studied materials science and engineering in Nigeria, Dr. Anopuo proceeded to Germany to obtain his masters degree and PhD in Hamburg University of Technology. He has worked as a scientist at GKSS Research Centre which is a member of the 16 research centres making up the (Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft), the biggest scientific organisation in Federal Republic of Germany. Dr. Anopuo has distinguished himself in the area of structural light metal materials technology ranging from polymers to composite materials and magnesium alloy which is the lightest structural material on the face of the earth. A prolific writer, Dr. Anopuo has authored and/or co-authored more than 25 international technical papers and reports. He has spoken in many international conferences across Europe, USA and Canada. Dr. Anopuo has worked in various international establishments either as an Engineer or a visiting scientist. He has collaborated with different organisations and foreign universities on various scientific projects. Dr. Anopuo is currently a member of Association of German Engineers (VDI) and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) USA. He is a Visiting Scientist at CANMET-MTL Ontario Canada and Indian Institute of Science, IIS Bangalore. He has facilitated various seminars and trainings across Africa, Eu-rope and America. He has over six (6) years experience in Management Consulting, a visiting staff member of GTS Consulting International Germany. Dr. OKECHUKWU ANOPUO is internationally recognised for his expertise in Human Capital Development.



 Martin Nnadi

Head, Human Resources

 Martin Nnadi has successfully managed many classes of people working on diverse projects across di-verse sectors. A calm character with a rare innovative intellect, he has worked for many years as Facilitators‘ coordinator for LEARN2015 Entrepreneurship Project. He was marketing executive for SilverBird Television. a one-time HR manager in a very big Hospitality firm, also, a one time manager in a Media Consulting Firm. He is a graduate of Philosophy from the prestigious Imo State University, and Entrepreneurship from the Lagos Business School. He had attended many cer-tificate courses in Human Resources Management. He is also a Product Promotion Strategist, cor-porate Compere of note, Sale‘s psychology expert, corporate branding adept, team builder and mo-bilizer who takes the challenges of leadership with uncanny dexterity and pundit instincts.


Prof. Nwajiuba


Consultant and Trainer

Chinedum Nwajiuba, Professor of Agricultural Economics since October 2004, has been on the staff of the Imo State University Owerri, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Michael Okpara (Federal) University of Agriculture Umudike and the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart Germany. He has been Director of Information Communication Technology (ICT), Director of Academic Planning, and Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies, Imo State University Owerri. He serves as Part-Time Executive Director of the Nigerian Environmental Study Action Team (NEST) Ibadan as well as Project Coordinator of the Building Nigeria‘s Response to Climate Change (BNRCC), a CIDA funded initiative collaborating with the Special Climate Change Unit (SCCU) of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria, in developing a National Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action (NASPA) on Climate Change in Nigeria.He was also a Federal Government appointee to the board of the National Agricultural Seeds Council (a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture), and currently serves on the board of the Imo State University Teaching Hospital. He holds the B. Agric. (1986) and M.Sc. (1989) in Agricultural Economics (University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria), and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Hohenheim, Germany (1994). He also holds the M.Sc. in Development Econom-ics from the Imo State University Owerri (2007). He has been a beneficiary of Ford Foundation/Nigeria Social Science Academy research grants on gender studies (1988), with the Centre for Re-search and Documentation Kano on the informal sector in Nigeria (1999) and Council for the De-velopment of Social and Economic Research Council in Africa (CODESRIA) resource person on Research Methodologies (2006, 2007 and 2009). Between 1996 and 1997 he headed Imo state gov-ernment Food Basket Programme devoted to food production in Imo State, Nigeria. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences ( He was in-volved with World Bank sponsored assessment of FADAMA 11 Agricultural/poverty alleviation projects in Imo State as an Advisory services consultant, and also worked with the ENOBEL Con-sultants Owerri in the benchmark surveys for FADAMA II in Imo State. He has worked in teams of consultants working on Local Economic Empowerment Programme (LEEMP) sponsored by the European Community as well as evaluation of projects by the United Kingdom Department for In-ternational Development (DFID) evaluating rural and local government projects in Enugu State, Nigeria. He was involved with USAID sponsored evaluation of the NEEDS in Nigeria conducted by the African Institute for Applied Economics, Enugu, Assessment of the state of Green Economy in Nigeria funded by the German International Development Agency (GIZ), and authored the new Green Deal on Agriculture for Nigeria sponsored by the Heinrich Boell Foundation.


Sunny Ahonsi


Consultant and Trainer

SUNNY AHONSI (MBA, BA, FCCA, MCIM, MIVA) an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. He has been a professional lecturer, dynamic trainer and a prolific writer who has captained RisXcel to become a global academic institution with offices in London, Dubai, Brazil, Cameroon, Ghana, Sri Lanka, India, Russia and Nigeria. He is actively involved in diverse professional training, research and publication. He has led a highly regarded international training institution for years that is bringing innovative educational solutions across the globe, including corporate and government leadership programmes (for CEOs, corporate executives and senior government decision-makers). As a trainer and consultant, he holds extensive training experience, in training CEOs and top corporate executives in UK and internationally in the following sectors: Banking & Finance, Commercial, Health Care, Accounting, Public & Local Governments, Hotel & Hospitality, Education & Schools, Oil, Gas & Petroleum. He has extensive experience in initiating, preparing and implementing External Quality Assurance arrangements with bodies such as OFSTED, BAC, City and Guilds, Edexcel, and several UK Universities as well as brokering educational agreements with foreign governments. He uses the “teaching-without-teaching” methodology in his approach, where learning is promoted through self-discovery. He also believes that learning should be fun and at the same time beneficial to his audiences in order to help them achieve optimum performance in their chosen field. Training is not just a profession for him – but a passion. Known as a “Transformer”, he has transformed people and brings lasting change into their lives.



Group Financial Adviser and Faculty

 Mr. V.U. OGU is a Banker par excellence with over 17 years of diverse range of experiences in the banking and consulting service industry. He has an MBA in Financial Management, a B.Sc. (Accountancy), HND (Accountancy), OND (Accountancy), a Chartered Accountant (ICAN), and an Associate member of Institute of Chartered Administrators (ACA). His experience in the finan-cial industry spans many years of excellent service in different departments of different banks in Nigeria‘s commercial banking sector. He had a stint as an account clerk for one year during his In-dustrial attachment. Since then, he has worked as Admin/Finance Manager at IZZI Industries Lim-ited, PH - (Transportation & Leasing ), Treasury/Finance Manager at EMB Finance & Securities (Nig.) Ltd. PHC, Tax/Audit Manager at David Oleneme & Co (Chartered Accountants) PHC, Resi-dent Control Officer at Standard Trust Bank Plc, Area Compliance Manager at Standard Trust Bank Plc (FESTAC - LAGOS), Customer Service Manager at United Bank for Africa Plc, ABA, Profit Center Manager-Commercial Banking at United Bank for Africa Plc, ABA, Business Manager at United Bank for Africa Plc, ABA, and Zonal Retail Head at Bank PHB (KeyStone Bank Limited). Val Ogu is an expert in Taxation, Accounting Entries for banks and Other Financial Institutions, Treasury & Liquidity Management in times of crisis, Marketing research, Auditing, Customer Relationship Management and Corporate Leadership. He is a highly sought after trainer and coach.


 Okey Anyanwu


Business Development Manager

Anyanwu Okey Jude-Thaddeus is a thoroughbred expert in the areas of ICT, Human Resource Management, Business Development and Project Management. He is an alumnus of the prestigious United States Peace Institute- Washington DC- USA, Galilee Int’l Management Institute,  Nahalal- Israel and Project Management College  London – UK. His working experience criss-crosses the profit and not for profit sectors of the economy. He is an adept business development expert bringing his multi-disciplinary background into the business creative intelligence. He is a business growth consultant and coach.